Thursday, January 7, 2010

Chat transcript in San Jose Mercury News and Oakland Tribune

If you wish to check out the chat I take part in with the San Jose Mercury News and the Oakland tribune, come and meet me on this page: Getting and Staying Fit in the New Year

In the morning, an interview for REFORME, the French (#1) protestant magazine followed by an interview for an Egyptian magazine (that one is muslim, there's no telling what the next hour will bring :)
1 hour cycling
30 minutes walk
100 abs on the killer ab lounge
300 body leg magic 
50 booty swiss ball
50 bicep curls (4.5 lbs on each side) 
50 tricep (4.5 lbs on each side) 
100 jumping jacks
50 wall push ups
50 hindu prayers

Breakfast: 1 small tin drained anchovies + a plate with a few raw linseed crackers (homemade) + 2 squares melted soya cheese (a bit like nachos but a healthy version) + 2 clementines

Girlie lunch with super Paula, for a short break during the "special" video shoot: a generous portion edamame + 1 plate of chicken/tortilla soup + 1 grilled cod steak with a drizzle olive oil + 3 slices pineapple 

Snack: 2 biscotti at Starbucks + tea and 1/2 hour spent reading people magazines 

Dinner: little home made soups + grilled scallops and then heaps of clementines (I'm not jocking, well.. a little maybe) 

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