Wednesday, January 13, 2010

LeBootCamp is in TRUE LOVE - yes!

A beautiful day begins at... 3 am... er yes.. a particular end of January "event" is making my enthusiasm get the better of my sleep, it is really so exciting!! This event also explains my recent increase in training :)

Breakfast: rooibos tea + a few pecan nuts + a little bit of lukewarm green bean salad + 1 kiwi

1 hour cycling
30 minutes walk

Lunch: 1 plate tomato soup + 1 portion Ebly/mushroom/turkey bacon all covered with melted soya cheese (yummmy) + 1 pink grapefruit + a tiny smoothie

1 hour cycling

Snack: 4 slices salami + 2 small apples 

30 minutes walk 

200 inner/outer thigh exercises with my super machine I will soon reveal to you

40 minutes passive abs

Dinner: 2 sole filets (they are tiny here), 1 bowl minestrone + 4 slices salami + 1 orange

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