Sunday, January 3, 2010

LeBootCamp and Valerie Orsoni in

A lovely active day kicked off with Brian for one hour intense fitness training... Tomorrow, I'll feel stiff, for sure :)

Breakfast: 1 rooibos tea + 2 tofutti (tofu based cheese) blintzes with a little bit of Corsican fig jam (yum) and 3 satsumas

1 hour muscle strength training with Brian

Lunch: grilled sole filets + little sauteed potatoes with garlic + baby leaf salad + clementines

1 hour walk doing shopping

Snack: 1 large tea + 1 biscotti

Dinner 1 burger + baby leaf salad + 5 satsumas

A beautiful day spent with Super Nathalie who has now returned to freezing Paris... bon courage my darling!

We are in in an article about detox foods. I love that website so, I am delighted!

And all my thanks to all the boot.campers wishing me a happy new year via, FaceBook and the forum

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