Thursday, January 14, 2010

Extremely pleasant dinner with a high flying journalist

40 minutes passive abs

Lemon Juice
Scottish breakfast + home made almond milk and Truvia

40 minutes walk on an empty stomach on the telephone
again-45 minutes walk on the telephone
another- 30 minutes walk on the telephone :)

Well I got caught out by a hectic morning... and I missed breakfast... so I had brunch at 11h30 as I had an interview at 12h30 so I just about fitted it in... on the menu: grilled sole fillets with balsamic vinegar sauce + 1 banana... I love taking my time for lunch, but there I must honestly admit, I had to rush it :)

30 minutes walk during an interview with an American magazine...

Snack: a tin of sardines + 1 orange... did you know? 1 small tin off sardines provides you with 25% of your daily calcium needs!!

For dinner, I meet up with Bernard de la Villardiere to introduce him to Californian raw food eating in my favorite restaurant,  which is no other than Cafe Gratitude... on the meals menu: coconut milk soup with marinated wild mushrooms + guacamole with linseed crackers + a kiwi/pear parfait... yum!

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