Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Loose the festive pounds _ LeBootCamp in Gazelle Mag

A VERY active day... words fail me to describe it... all sorts of twists and new developments: interviews, coaching, fitness training, new partnerships and more fantastic news on the American front :)

Breakfast: well...NOTHING!! er yes,... and do you know why? My mind has just been so busy, spinning at 150%. I only realised at 11h30 that I still hadn't had anything to eat... and then, I just thought to myself, just wait another 1/2 hour and it will be time for lunch... I haven't skipped breakfast deliberately to loose weight, it would be a very bad approach... but it also shows that we often eat out of habit or out of boredom :)

1h45 walk on the telephone

Girls lunch with super Anissa: 1 vegetable steak + 1 portion of her delicious wheat/mushrooms and turkey bacon hotpot + 1 orange

50 butt squeezes brazilian move style

Snack: 4 large dates + 5 pecan nuts

300 reps on my inner/outer thigh machine... each time I walk past it, hop, I fit in a quick 50, even when very busy, easily done :)

Gazelle magazine published a great piece on LeBootCamp... I am delighted with the journalist's experience :) who's initials are FB like FaceBook or Fabrice B. Thank you my darling :)

Dinner: 6 shrimps ( carefully counted by my son who is checking that his mother doesn't get more than he does :) grilled with curry and coconut milk ( a LeBootCamp recipe) + a lukewarm french beans saladwith a little vinaigrette made by my lovely son, yum! + 1 grapefruit + 2 squares white chocolate

40 minutes passive abs
30 tricep dips on the edge of my bed.

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