Wednesday, January 6, 2010

LeBootCamp and Valerie Orsoni in the San Jose Mercury News - superb :)

Pffew... we really are off for a great start!

The San Jose Mercury News quotes me as an expert along side two other renowned specialists in their field for an article on the 5 most popular fitness equipment products. You can read our comments for yourself here :)

Breakfast: plenty of Rooibos tea + 1 papaya + 4 clementines + onion crackers (raw and home made) 

1 hour walk on the telephone with the dog under the glorious Californian sun... I send some to you all my European friends :)

Lunch still on the telephone (well, on Skype now): edamame + 1 raw corn cob (with a GI index that is significantly lower than that of the tinned version) + 1 slice gluten free bread + soyannaise and a slice turkey ham  + 2 clementines + 2 tiny cereal bars... I could eat a horse this lunch time, one has to listen to one's body

1 hour cycling 

Snack: 2 little cereal bars

20 granny squats + 50 wall push ups + 20 minutes hammam to detoxify (stress increases our body toxin levels that can be, partly, eliminated by sweating)

Dinner: steamed broccoli + lambs lettuce salad + 1 slice turkey breast ham + 4 clementines + 1 little cereal bar

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