Monday, February 1, 2010

A Boot.camper blogs her success

What a great day this has been...

A keen boot.camper wo follows our LeBootCamp Rajeunir program (LeBootCamp Anti-Aging, coming soon in English) has put together a great blog I invite you to follow (in French): Une Femme Comme Les Autres
Thank you Sandrine for sharing your day to day journey with us. I am delighted to see that you are rejuvenating every day :)
Not only that, but you have fully grasped the spirit of LeBootCamp, no deprivation, treats and little pleasures are to be enjoyed without guilt...
You too, will soon be able to benefit from lebootcamp anti aging coaching, in the mean time you can try out LebootCamp weightloss here: LebootCamp Weightloss Coaching 

I have a fabulous week ahead... Yes I admit, I have taken 10 days off the blog, but it is for the good cause, you will soon find out!

Breakfast: Nothing again... this time it is because of a busy morning on the telephone! So I walk for a total of 2 hours and drink liters of rooibos tea. 

Lunch: 2 plates minestrone soup with melted soya cheese + 6 crab cakes and a pear 

A very well deserved nap (oh yes!)

1 hour cycling (do I have to mention? in the pouring rain!)

Snack: 1 large rooibos tea with soya milk

30 minutes walk
50 brazilian moves

Dinner: 1 portion chicken with Indian spices, lambs lettuce, 1 slices toasted bread, 2 pears (well, why eat only one when two are begging for it?)

2 minutes leg swings

And I get back to preparing for my LA trip, looking forward to some great adventures that I will share with you of course!

Good night :)

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