Wednesday, February 10, 2010

We prepare for the Salon du Body Fitness (Paris fitness fair) on March 12-14 2010

Up at the crack of dawn...

Plenty of Rooibos tea to start with and 1 hour walk on an empty stomach (on the phone, walking the dog... or, how to kill 3 birds with one stone before breakfast :)

Breakfast: 2 slices roast ham + galetas (a kind of old fashioned tortilla cracker made of stone ground corn flour and water) with a bit of soyonnaise + 1 orange

My team and I are preparing for the Parisian annual fitness trade show in March 2010 where we have a superb 100 sqm stand...
We have a great program in store with some fun events, lots of treats, free profiles, free one to one consultations, plenty of really cool gifts (I really mean, truly cool stuff), discount vouchers to sign up to the program and many other goodies like low GI cereal bars, Californian almonds, Peruvian super seeds all carried in my luggage just for you... Part of the French and UK team will be with me, it is going to be smashing! Three crazy days with a boot.meeting half way though ;)
And also, a press conference on Friday 12th to announce the latest scoops, hush... be patient...
So, if you happen to be in the French capital over these few days, come and visit us! it going to be really exciting!

Before lunch a 40 minutes Fartlek session with my very own man, followed by a light mexican platter: guacamole/corn chips/mixed salad (spinach, cucumber, beet-root)... for pudding clementines in a light syrup, 1 churro + 2 squares chocolate

200 abs on the killer ab lounge
30 triceps dips on the edge of my bed

Snack: a small handful Californian almonds (I will discuss Californian almonds in more detail tomorrow) + 1 banana

15 minutes walk

I relax by doing some cooking tonight...

Dinner: sprouted spinach salad + grilled shrimps in coconut milk 

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