Tuesday, February 23, 2010

LeBootCamp nominated for a prize in the USA - New York LeBootCamp in California

I cannot reveal exactly what it is about until April 5th but see for yourself how it makes me feel..

Let's just say that it is a prize that rewards our values (and I can advise that we have been examined from every possible angle for the nomination, therefore as you can verify, we don't just claim those standards and ethics but we can substantiate them :)

:) I just wanted to share the news with you, so there you go :) the whole of LeBootCamp's team is on cloud nine! 

I haven't been blogging for the past few days... so much is going on, it is hard to keep up ;)

To begin with, the New York team has arrived in California (to escape the blustering snow storms of the East coast, cheeky :) - We can get moving real fast on current projects. 

Next week, Germany is turning up :) 

I was really lucky to spend time with Guy Clement Cohen, a very successful out of the ordinary sculptor. Once I'd visited his gallery, I had no doubts on the reasons of his success! 

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