Monday, February 22, 2010

[nutrition coaching] : Why you shouldn't buy Californian almonds if you live in France

Corsican almonds nougatine :)

I sometimes read in French magazines that Californian almonds are delicious... I live in California and I can only agree, with the San Joachim Valley being the biggest producer of Almonds in the world...

However, almonds aren't indigenous of California, indeed they are originally from Asia and the Middle East. Therefore, in an effort not to pollute our planet more than it already is (airfreight has a very high carbon footprint), I believe that it is sensible if not preferable to buy local produce (there are some very tasty almonds grown in Europe too :),  pray, do choose locally grown crops! 
If you want an analogy: it is a bit like buying Spanish oranges in California when the American fruit is just as good :) 

I enjoy a lovely sunny Monday after a very busy week-end. But I shall say no more, all will be announced very soon, I keep quiet (as I am not allowed to tell you anymore for now :) 

I am very happy because I have finally found a great designer for LeBootCamp, Nicolas you are doing a master's job, thank you for your round the clock commitment! 
Also, our new Business development VP is joining us soon, all is well at LeBootCamp!

Today: rooibos tea in the morning + squeezed lemon in room temperature water + a coconut peach smoothie

30 minutes fartlek with Nestle
100 inner/outer thigh toning machine exercises... I had planned to do 300 today... lets see later :)
100 steps climbed

Lunch: 3 little blue corn tortillas + rice cheese + a ball guacamole + a ball cauliflower salad + a few rice/kidney bean crackers + 1 clementine + a little square date cake

20 minutes accumulated walk

Snack: raw granola

Dinner: 5 wontons + broth + guacamole with corn chips + edamame + 5 clementines

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