Tuesday, February 16, 2010

4 days to relax in the Arizona desert - fitness coaching!

It does a world of good to leave everything behind for a few days... That's what I did last week-end... 4 days "en famille" in the Arizona desert between Scottsdale and Sedona, a New Age town if ever there was one.

Our program was a nice blend of rest (obviously) and outdoor activities, long walks, bike rides (3 hours on the first day + 2 hours walk), slightly more challenging hilly hikes the other days... all in all around 4 hours exercise each days without really thinking about it. Of course, I couldn't resist a few relaxing lengths in the magnificient pool and daily massages to fulfill my chill out plans :)

We usually had brunch rather than breakfast and lunch, an afternoon snack later and dinner in the evening... 3 meals a day, great weather... how that feels good!

The batteries are recharged, ready for the forthcoming Body Fitness show, the imminent release of a new program, a new partnership to implement... in short... plenty of po-si-tive stress :)

On the food side, the style was Tex-Mex, of course. Guacamole packed with vitamin E, is great for the skin, so I come home with a baby's complexion :)

Now that I have replenished my energy reserves, I hit the ground an run!

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