Friday, February 26, 2010

A very nice article distributed by Associated Content

a website that publishes news taken up a bit everywhere: Valerie Orsoni Sits Down to Chat with Associated Content

Today is a blustery stormy rainy day :)
Thank goodness I went walking/running, in short, for a Fartlek along the bay with Nestle first thing this morning (before the weather broke lose). It just goes to prove that the old adage "don't do tomorrow what you can do right now"- or something like that-  makes a lot of sense :)

A lot of Rooibos tea this morning
1 hour Fartlek

Breakfast: home made raw breakfast cereal + coconut milk (yummmy) 

a morning spent on the phone not walking for once, it is raining to heavily and I am much better by the fireplace :)

Lunch: 3 little blue corn tortillas with melted soya cheese + 1 apple

A wonderful nap, a real treat for the bad sleeper that I am (I'm trying to cure myself from insomnia but... I still like the siesta concept!)

after... can't remember :)

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