Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A lot of telephone interviews = loads of walking

In Houston
DAY D-15

Breakfast, just like yesterday, the vitamin loaded smoothie I call "Berry Blast",  you will soon find its recipe on LeBootCamp your favorite weightloss companion! Made with home made almond milk + hemp seeds (fabulous source of protein) + fresh strawberries + a bit of coconut butter + 3 tbs hemp shake mix, Enjoy!

1h30 walk on the telephone

lots of green tea

Non-stop interviews, great!
40 minutes walk again on the phone, always on loud speaker, to preserve my ear :)

Lunch: Canadian wild smoked wild salmon + a salad: sprouted quinoa/tomato/basil/chickpeas + 1 papaya

15 minutes walk 

Snack: fruit salad 

Diner: marinated portobello mushrooms (nama shoyu (raw soya sauce)/balsamic vinegar/olive oil) +wild rocket salad with crab (shallot vinegar) + 1 generous handful blueberries + 2 home made raw biscottis (new recipe I am still perfecting, the taste is right but not the look :)

Another splendid day with plenty of Facebookers celebrating my name day... tomorrow is the birthday... my 25th... yes. I have been Twillighted. Isn't that great?

100 abs on the killer abs lounge


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