Monday, April 13, 2009

Some movement and a bit of indulgence too :)

A beautiful sunny day begins with meetings at the top... I say... oopsy... I almost spilt the beans :).. Me and my big mouth! 

2 cups Darjeeling tea start the day in a good way, I ad some stevia to alkalise my body, that does me good. 

50 hammers
100 abs on the killer ab-lounge
50 push-ups against the wall (at an angle it gives a stronger work out :) 
1 hour walk 

And now, I reach lunchtime and realise that I, the epicurean, have forgotten to eat breakfast!!! There you go, the body sometimes doesn't demand anything...

Lunch with girlfriends: 2 tortas (a thin little flat corn cake, about 6 inches in diameter) with guacamole and wild salmon + 1 bowl of Moroccan lentil soup + 5 clementines

Video shoots
Lovely nap... ahh that's so good! 

Preparing for a very important meeting... getting psyched up :)

Snack: 1 tomato juice during the meeting and a banana afterwards

15 minutes walk 
50 hammers
100 abs on the killer ab-lounge

Dinner: I latch onto some sweets that I had originally brought back for my son and hidden away in a cupboard except, I know the hiding place... well, based on the wrapping information, I had 300 "empty" calories as I call them... so, I have a very light meal not to ad insult to injury! 6 panfried scallops in Sauternes + baby leaf salad + 1 pink grapefruit, et voila! 

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