Sunday, April 26, 2009 chooses LeBootCamp as the ideal weightloss program for the summer

I am up very early as it was up at 5am everyday in Costa Rica... yes the birds chirped as early as 5am and the sun was up and shining just as early... life was already very active at dawn.

There is nothing to eat in the house as we arrived last night... so breakfast in a restaurant, american style... did you know? breakfast eaten out is on average 700 calories! that is about twice as much as the average breakfast eaten at home... and more than 40% of breakfasts eaten out exceed 1500 calories! when we know that 7000 calories too many make it 1kg of extra fat on the body... that, is food for thought!

Breakfast: Earl Grey tea with stevia + 1 bowl of granola (at least 3 portions, crazy) + soya milk and fresh blueberries. 

50 minutes walk on the phone as I debrief on the big projects in the pipeline with super Carole.

Light lunch, I listen to my body that isn't asking for much: a pink grapefruit + 5 sprouted almonds and lots of tea...  a bit of a detox day then :)

Friends visit us, it is nice to see them after all this time... a few interview requests for some south american press that came through whilst away, emails from american journalists... the usual day to day... I discover some superb projects very skillfully led by my amazing team... I think I might as well get away again soon as their efficiency is staggering! Of course not, my celebrity clients are waiting for me... they needn't worry... I will never reveal the secrets of their great shape... coaching and ethics are two inseparable concepts! 

I prepare my show for BFM that will be recorded during the night (at 1 am, ha... don't we love our favorite presenters!) 

Shopping with Maud on great form,... and snack time: 1 banana full of potassium and 5 brazil nuts for the selenium... very good for a healthy brain all that. That makes me think of some brain tests and exercises I have discovered that are of greater level than anything that currently exists on the market to date... those guys are going to fly!! I really believe it...

Light meal to continue my healthy post-unbridled-vacation day :) a plate of wild smoked salmon, tomatoes, cucumbers, chick peas with a sprinkle of balsamic vinegar ... and 3 clementines to finish off

I find out that, yesterday, LeBootCamp was presented on a cable TV channel among other online weightloss programs and we were very warmly praised!! anybody knows which one it was? 

Come on, it is 2am, it is time to go to bed... It is to early to use up all the benefits of regenerating holidays :)

Ah! I almost forgot, the title of this post! yes, has put us forward on their website and on their newsletter: 

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