Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Things are moving... and we cook with the coach :)

Breakfast: 1 apple + 1 bowl Cheerios + vanilla soya milk + plenty of pomegranate white tea

20 minutes walk
2 minutes pelvic floor exercises

Business meeting, plenty of green tea

20 minutes walk
200 butt squeezes in the car (that's another tick in the box) 

Big business lunch (hush): despite the comments (impossible to find anything healthy here), I finally spot a ratatouille (not too bad, but as often, not gently stewed on low heat for a long time... it feels like vegetables thrown into the pan all at the same time, cooked fast on a hot fire) +1 vegetable salad with balsamic vinegar and no fat + 1 little wholemeal bun all washed down with blackberry green tea.

--> for a really delicious and foolproof ratatouille recipe go to your LeBootCamp private space 

30 minutes walk

Snack: 1 soya yogurt with Cherrios

Dinner: wild Alaska King salmon + chicken/tomato soup + 1 pink grapefruit

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