Thursday, April 30, 2009

The anteater's diet without a coach: pure protein :)

This big teddy is a giant anteater that crossed my path in the jungle :) 
Did you know? it eats 20,000 ants a day! Pure protein only:)

DAY D-13 

My FaceBook page is still suspended... that is ridiculous. Their sense of (or absence of) service is bewildering! 

A bit of a day off exercising after the rather intense past few...

Breakfast during an IT meeting (great abdominal work-out thanks to a big fit of giggles): Tchai tea with soya milk and splenda + nutty porridge with dried fruit.

Spa session between 2 meetings (my birthday present to myself) 

Business lunch where I meet a very interesting person... I loved last night's restaurant so much, I went back and had: fresh guacamole with multicolored taco crisps as a starter + followed by swordfish ceviche, so I allow myself a lovely almond cream and tapioca desert... yumyum!

1 hour accumulated walk

Snack: dried fruit 

I continue my dehydrated cooking as the party is coming up fast. I already have: cranberry granola, biscottis, teriaky almonds, nut sweets, chocolate macaroons, vanilla macaroons... and I now tackle the onion bread!

30 minutes walk 

500 abs (yes five hundred) on the killer ab lounge (I beat my record... it sometimes feels great to stretch out of the comfort zone and not repeat the same things) 

50 wall push ups

It is 10pm... and, hurray!... well, half-hurray, my Facebook profile is reactivated... but I still can't access my fan page... you can however become a fan: 

Dinner: ricotta and vegetable lasagna + strawberries

In bed early... tomorrow is a big day ... no May day bank holiday in the USA!

PS: Thanks to you all for your birthday messages... I am very touched!!


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