Sunday, March 7, 2010

LeBootCamp German video shoot with the gorgeous Magdalena

That's it, Sara and her team are back in New York whilst Magdalena arrives from Munich... what a day :)

And we are off for a video shoot marathon, Madgalena knocks them out like a pro!

I exercise every day, 25th hour style of course... I go from one interview to another and am delighted with a really nice article in Madame Figaro.

To finish the week, a chef's dinner at some friend's house... on the menu, no starter so we tuck straight into a superb whole grain traditional couscous (the dish not the ingredient), plenty of vegetables, not too much meat. The hosts are from Brittany so they put butter in their couscous, funny, isn't it?
(NB. France has a north-south fat divide: the north is the cream and butter part of France and the south the olive oil part)

For desert, I skip the cheese platter that never really agrees with me especially shortly before a long haul trip abroad, but I make it up with a nice slice of chocolate cake. Nothing better than a dinner party with friends to finish the week in style!

Saturday is very active. I have an hour's training with Brian followed by 1h30 walk throughout the day shopping for birthday presents... we are having a triple B-day party tonight, I need inspiration :) and of course I linger... so I end up having to rush myself later on... In the end we spend another great evening with friends, there is nothing better to let off some steam!

Finally, it is Sunday and it is Oscar night... we get ready, the parties line up... a must!
Surprise, AVATAR did not get the Best Film award when most thought it was a given, it went to Hurt Locker along with several others as well. That goes to show that things are not always written in the sky :)

And now, we take on a fresh week with even more energy than all the previous ones put together...

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