Monday, March 8, 2010

Your coach Valerie on the Nestle Fitness cereal boxes

A great night after an Oscar evening full of surprises!

Breakfast: 1 rooibos tea + 1 smoothie strawberry/banana/fresh vanilla coconut milk

1 hour hike in the canyon with Magdalena + video shoot for the German LeBootCamp program.

Lunch: one bolani with red lentils(bolani is an Afgan speciality) + some hummus and babaganush + 1 pink grapefruit

1 well deserved nap :)

2 interviews for the American press

A good snack: 2 slices essene bread + some soyannaise + 2 slices turkey ham and 2 clementines

The new Nestle Fitness cereals are finally out! Don't they look good? As you can see, they display the web address where you can find the flat tummy videos for free :)

15 minutes accumulated walk 
A few 25th hour exercises
1 hour training with Brian

Dinner: a nice soup, home made tortillas with rice cheese (yes, I am testing a new soya free version and I must report that it is excellent!!) + guacamole + 1 pink grapefruit

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