Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Shoot for Le Journal des Femmes l'Internaute + day in the sun

A beautiful day in the sun!

Tuocha tea then 30 min stroll on an empty stomach
1 raw bar + 2 clementines

25th hour coaching non stop - many interviews + work on a new project

Lunch: chicken soup + 2 slices of corn bread + 1 banana

1h walking + 1h cycling (I cycle everywhere at the moment, I go from meeting to meeting on my bike getting my daily ration of exercise without appearing to :) 

Snack: 1 frozen yogurt with fresh fruit (a great invention indeed: fat-free yogurt, frozen & sweetened with Splenda and topped with fresh fruit)

Dinner: Chicken soup, baby leaf salad, 1 pink grapefruit + 2 raw coconut cookies

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