Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Alejandro is back!

And it hurts :) After 2 weeks of not practicing consistently :)

Upon rising: freshly squeezed lemon juice in room-temperature water followed by sobacha

30 min walk

Breakfast: 1 mini raspberry smoothie + 1 soy yogurt with raw homemade cereal (the famous croustinoisette which you all love so much and can find in the recipe section on LeBootCamp)

A big meeting followed by 1 hr with my dear Alejandro who tortures Anissa and I!

Lunch: lentil soup + raw burger (made with sunflower seeds and walnuts) with a sort of sweet pepper tapenade as ketchup :) + raspberries

1 hr walk during which I get a Tazo passion fruit tea sweetened with Splenda at Starbucks

Dinner: 1 bowl of tomato soup + ceps cooked in olive oil/soy sauce/balsamic vinegar + raspberry & peach salad + 1 cutie (see photo :)

PS: according to my brand new iPod which also acts as my pedometer, I've walked 12,000 steps!

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