Thursday, November 4, 2010

Pilates to unwind...

Fresh lemon juice in room temperature water + sobacha + green tea

1 hour of pilates on the machine

10 min of yoga

Breakfast: a raw carrot bar

Lunch with the team (working on the next project together :) : a rice tortilla with soy cheese and smoked salmon + green salad + pink grapefruit + 4 prunes

500 glute contractions in the car -- feeling the burn!

30 min walk in the canyon, that is 4,000 steps, but on unleveled ground and while talking on the telephone :)

Snack: the little rascal! Toblerone again...I am not to blame, the squares of chocolate attacked me! A little Indian pemmican.

30 min jogging to Lady Gaga music to burn off at least 1 square of Toblerone!

Dinner: salad greens + split pea soup with pancetta (not Corsican, but Italian!) + 1 orange + 2 prunes

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