Thursday, November 11, 2010

A 15-hour day!

But of course, no complaints because it's all for a good cause!

10 min of yoga in my room (plus abs and push-ups)

I spend the morning with Sara Hecht - our Director of Operations since the very beginning! A person who is always there when you need inspiration, a true rock of confidence. Without her, I would not be.....public holiday or not, she is there.....full of energy or a little worn out, she is there....never in a low mood....never frustrated in our email correspondences.....always full of faith in our success. Thank you Sara for being there and for sharing the workload for 8 years!
I meet her in Brooklyn, in the heart of Crown Heights, the Jewish Orthodox/Hassidic community.
We set off on a secret expedition which takes all morning.

Breakfast as available: 2 biscuits and 1 bar of chocolate + a mint tea

30 min accumulated walking

Lunch in two parts: at a kosher deli: split pea soup and 8 pieces of spicy tuna sushi then in a strictly kosher, but very very hip restaurant - dessert: a tea with soymilk and a Napolean....and yes, I indulge and enjoy!

My return trip from Crown Heights deserved to be filmed, and you had to have been there to believe is so insane that I won't dare tell the full story here lest I get in serious trouble :) But I will note that it included a Christian woman with her Bible who wanted to save the rabbis ("Israelites," she called them) from hell in asking them to renounce their faith, all accompanied by a Moslem short, a crazy cavalcade!

30 min walk

I have a superb interview with a national magazine (26 million readers!)....and they offer us a cover!!!! I am excited like a kid!

No nap, I go to my hotel (30 min walk) to change (I dressed "modestly" for Brooklyn), and then dinnertime.

Dinner: always a little of everything at Bar Basque restaurant

It is 11pm, bed-time for your coach!

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