Monday, June 15, 2009

Lunch at Fauchon - yummy what a treat!

Very very light breakfast to make up for yesterday and the day ahead... lots of green tea + a small handful almonds + a handful organic cherries

15 minutes yogaboost from the LeBootCamp Anti-Aging Beauty program

15 minutes accumulated walk

6 floors climbed on foot

Lunch at Fauchon with I...
on the menu, I am being treated to the yummiest: goose foie gras on toasted brioche + a superb mixed salad with a lichee dressing... all accompanied by Fauchon tea of course... and I finish with a salty toffee eclair and a macaroon... my goodness, one shouldn't eat that way everyday :)

15 minutes accumulated walk
50 Hindu prayers
100 butt contractions
100 V contractions (coming soon in My Gym)

no snack but plenty of tea during two wonderful meetings...

Dinner: a bowl pumpkin/chestnut soup, 120 g (yes precisely, it is written on the package) organic salmon + 1 banana

In bed early to catch up on a very packed lovely day led at race pace (as usual)

100 butt squeezes

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