Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Monaco and Costa Rica same difference

Same difference in the lack of road signs or, even worse, unclear sign posting!
beautiful day...

50 minutes passive muscle toning

Breakfast: fruit and raw cereal + 3 buckwheat crackers (organic, yeast and gluten free)

Hectic morning where I validate some very confidential content.

Lunch in Monaco: 1 black Pollock steak with crayfish juice, a few vegetables dipped in warm anchoiade (Provencal anchovy sauce) + fruit soup... during that time, I watch the Monegasque workers union demonstrate... their work conditions don't seem to be at their best...
4 hours walk and step climbing (yes the town is built on a rock!)

Snack whilst on the telephone... 3 hours on the phone today, many irons in the fire but hush... silence is key, all the more since we bother copycats so much they are beginning to criticise us behind our backs in the least ethical ways! anyhow, for snacks: cherries and strawberries

1 hour walk

Dinner: a little salad Nicoise + 1 slice bread + 5 grilled sardines and little vegetables and, as I've bee good today, I treat myself to the pleasure of a desert: a portion apple tart with whipped cream

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