Saturday, June 20, 2009

Shooting with Mica for TF1 and Paris-NIce by train

After great day of shooting with the beautiful Sandrine, we are heading for Nice... by train which allows plenty of time to watch landscapes unravel and time go by.

The documentary filmed with Sandrine, our witness, will show on TF1 on June 22nd at 10h am in 10h00 LeMag.
The topic is "how to get a dream bottom for the summer" :)

I love this kind of topic as it concerns a lot of people: women who wish to improve the tone of their august behind and men who can then whisper in honesty that their companion has a nice derriere ;)

I share with you a few pictures of the delicious Sandrine, of Mika, our cameraman and of course of your dedicated coach.

As soon as I have the URL for the TF1 video, I'll put it on the blog, and of course on the FaceBook fan page :)

Today I was woken up at 4am by some very noisy Italian neighbours, that guarantees me a nice sleep on the TGV iDZEN :)

Breakfast at the train station, it is virtually impossible to find any fruit or anything I like eating in the morning for that matter, so I fall back onto the famous "French breakfast" very poorly balanced but, heck, I'm hungry :)
So that is: a Lipton Yellow tea (or dust in a sachet - really revolting), a croissant, some buttered bread and, miracle, a fresh pineapple salad. Lots of sugar and saturated fats in this meal, I'll have to make up for it later.

30 minutes walk with some VERY heavy luggage, the SNCF (French national rail service) having, deemed it unnecessary to provide and kind of trolley in the Gare de Lyon, which is, I'll just mention in passing, rather filthy... pity for France's image.

Over 10 minutes accumulated butt contractions on the train + 10 minutes pelvic floor exercises

Lunch on board the TGV (the journey is quite long, that should prepare me for the Trans-Siberian crossing :) ... nothing other than "croques monsieurs" available... so: a "croque"and a fruit salad washed down with rooibos tea (fairtrade the tea, I admit being astonished to find that on the train)

300 metres swim

Snack: 1 tub tasty "Charlotte" strawberries + a few pieces home made dried pineapple I still had with me + 1 handful homemade teryaki almonds

3 hours walk along the beach

Dinner at Hi Beach where a "Sushi Master" exercises his art: 6 makis, 8 nigiri sushis of "normal" size as opposed to those found in the USA. No Desert but some green tea instead.

100 mixed abs on the hotel's carpet
1 minute plank
25 wall press-ups
25 triceps dips on the edge of the bathtub

Au lit!

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