Monday, June 8, 2009

Whirlwind departure...

SF Airport

Breakfast after 2 cups rooibos tea + stevia: 1 soya yogurt + puffed corn flakes + dried pineapple

15 minutes accumulated walking 
5 minutes speedy yoga
25 minutes passive muscle toning 

Lunch at the airport: 12 sushis (I am ravenous) + green tea 

30 minutes accumulated walk

Dinner in the airplane (I always book a vegetarian or seafood meal to try and avoid the poorly balanced inboard meals) 
green salad, buckwheat and salmon + grilled seabass with vegetables and white (alas) rice and fruit compote for desert. no bread. 

No snack, lets not overdo it I am really not moving in the plane. 
200 butt squeezes 
100 nutcracker

Watched Safari (great in an airplane to forget that we are 36000 feet above the ground/sea) + New Town with Renee Zellweger.

Upon arrival, lunch at the airport with my charming "reception" :) at Chez Paul, very large green salad with grilled salmon + green tea.

2 hours accumulated walk in Paris for a successful settling in.

2 interviews press and TV one after the next... that is called hit the ground and run I think... I am beginning to feel the jet lag... a pebble in the bath, a vanilla scented travel candle, et voila, I am ready for a good sleep to iron out the traveling and the jet lag. 

50 wall press-ups
30 inverted triceps
50 hindu prayers

Dinner: 1 soya steak from Sojasun + 2 vine tomatoes + ready made organic dressing + 1 punet woodland mara strawberries (so delicious do French!)

50 granny squats 

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