Saturday, June 13, 2009

100% Mag M6 shoot and a great play :)

The sun is shining in Paris this morning (early up as usual)

Breakfast: raw cereal + soya vanilla yogurt + 4 apricots + vanilla black tea

M6 shoot for the 100% Mag program. We do an interesting piece on brunches, are they balanced meals or not, what to avoid, etc... a topic I am passionate about. I will let you know as soon as I know when it airs.
As I leave the juice bar where we filmed the program, I pick up a fresh juice: carrot, apple and ginger

Lunch: organic smoked salmon + 4 apricots + 1 chocolate soya yogurt

1 hour walk

Snack: 1 tub strawberries + 1 tub cherries

30 minutes walk

Dinner: 1 vegetarian lebanese platter before theatre... a unique moment of escapism during my 3 week tour!
Fabrice Blind who also wrote it is great in this play... I really recommend "Ma colocatataire est encore une garce" ("My flatmate is still a bitch")
30 minutes walk to get back... as my days are really long and full this helps me a lot towards getting some exercise :)

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