Sunday, June 14, 2009


Up early to stretch before what promises to be an awesome day... that was without counting on Skype and the guys partying at home in California... in the end, after 45 minutes of jolly transatlantic banter I forgot all about yoga!

Breakfast: vanilla soya yogurt with raw granola + 2 apricots

50 Hindu prayers

Fatma picks me up with her husband and adorable baby :) and we scoot off to Val d'Europe to meet up with some very motivated BootCampers!

After a green tea (I savour that from Pascal Lamour, some great tea!)... we head for Daily Fitness where Litana, our MC, has organised a private class just for us
1 hour intense exercise... in heavy heat, the studio isn't air conditioned, all the better, that gives us a sauna/hammam at the same time (we won't forget to rehydrate:). Spirits are high... the class is fun and we discover some new exercises. Everyone keeps up rather well, Chloe and Sayu win the "buttock competition", well done! the prize: a LeBootCamp engraved Din Vahn bracelet :)

After a replenishing shower... we run off to Disney Studios where Litana has organised a treasure hunt like she does do well... but before hand let's feed ourselves... Mickey Mouse is running low on salad, the choices lessen considerably!
I go for a cheese burger without cheese nor bread...;) so only a wafer thin piece of meat is left + a tiny side salad (the only ones left) and a San Pelligrino... not enough to feed the coach!

We walk and walk... over the course of the day: 3 hours accumulated walk, 3x100 butt squeezes on the rides or on the train and plenty of pelvic floor training...

Snack... oh yes... snack time: a tiny fruit salad + the and Nutella stuffed brioche... yes we are allowed :)

During that time, the teams hurry up to win the treasure hunt... all are running in every direction and Armageddon win the sacred cow (our big prize)

Ii is time to part... some are traveling back to Paris, for others like Emilie, who made us the honor of coming all the way from Rouen, the journey back will only get them home around midnight... cheers to them!
Diner with Litana, green salad and buckwheat raclette cheese pancakes... I know, I know, that wasn't a model day of balanced eating, but that doesn't matter, those who do LeBootCamp know that what matters is non-deprivation and balance over several day.

To be done again! I've thoroughly enjoyed meeting the new faces and, of course, to see all the regulars as well :)

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