Monday, June 1, 2009

Answers to Chris and Anon's questions

Green tea straight from Japan

30 minutes walk on an empty stomach on the telephone
Yes Anon, walking on an empty stomach allows the body to draw on its energy reserves as by definition the stomach is empty :) therefore, to find the energy to move, the body needs to reach for its energy stocks ... however, don't exercise too hard or the body goes in starvation mode and protects its reserves of energy, it produces an adverse effect to the one desired.

Breakfast: home made raw cereal + almond milk + 1 nice and ripe apricot

30 minutes walk on the telephone  

Lunch: heirloom tomato salad + zucchini, nut and onion raw crackers + teriaky almonds + 2 home made raw coconut macaroons + cherries and strawberries 

Chris, I make the macaroons twice a week as they are very successful, but I make the quite small :)

15 minutes walk 
3x2 ballerina movements 

Snack: Red berries + 2 raw coconut macaroons (homemade) 

1 hour passive muscle toning

Dinner: raw onion crackers + 1 heirloom tomato + 1 stray piece of cheese + 2 raw coconut macaroons + 1 handful cherries

I am frequently asked how I eat on business trips... well, I cart around my raw cereals and other home made teriaky almonds in vacuum packed bags (I invested in the vacuum pack machine)... that way, in any situation, I know that I can reach for a healthy light snack.

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