Saturday, May 30, 2009

Big fright in tall grass

Breakfast after 1/2 liters of Rooibos tea: home made raw cereal with home dried pineapple, yumyum + almond milk also home made. Just so you know, I make it fresh every 3 days, it keeps very well in the fridge.

1h10 fartlek in a canyon in a natural park... one should always stay on the path I am told... I ignore the warning and stray away from the path... what a silly thing to do! here I am, running through the tall grass and suddenly find myself face to face with a very very large snake... the largest/longest snake in California... well, face to face, foot to snake rather and I only just avoided the beast... apparently not a rattle snake, and not a dangerous one either, despite its impressive size... but still ;)

10 push ups on the ground
10 triceps dips
30 lunges

Mexican lunch: a few tortilla chips with tomato sauce + shrimp/langoustine soup + a little guacamole

100 butterfly abs
50 wall press-ups
2 minutes very slow ballerina moves

snack: 4 little raw coconut macaroons (home made) + 1/2 banana (to refill on potassium, essential after exercise :)

No passive muscle toning today, one has to leave 2 day rest each week for muscles to recover and give a good tone.

Light dinner: tomato soup + raw crackers + plenty of berries

Tomorrow will be quite busy so give my stomach a brake :)

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