Wednesday, May 6, 2009

LeBootCamp in Reader's Digest

Up early to nip over to the airport...

We are in May 09's Reader's Digest (France)... I am repeating myself, but what a week... or rather what a year, I should say :)... with Johnny Hallyday on the cover, on top of that, yes I know, not so well known in the English speaking world, but in France he is a huge rock star, happiness :) 

Breakfast: 1/2 slice of wholemeal bread with tapenade + 6 little pieces raw onion bread with hummus + fruit salad left over (pineapple, grapes, coconut)

I slip-in a very quick catnap (10 minutes) halfway through the morning as the day is very intensive, who wants to travel far needs to sit easy in the saddle. 

30 minutes walk on the telephone 
30 minutes weight training (the whole body) to strengthen my bone density

Lunch on the run between 2 meetings: 1 slice wholemeal bread with tapenade + a huge bunch of grapes... sometimes you just have to do with what you
can find :) The idea is not to fall back on junk food on the pretense that the circumstances aren't ideal for a balanced meal... it is so easy to trap yourself :) 

45 minutes walk between 2 meetings in San Francisco 

Snack: a fruit salad with dried nuts in agave nectar, delish... 

2x2 minutes Brazilian moves 

Diner: purple rice (the Chinese emperor's "forbidden" rice) with a little bit of non-hydrogenated margarine and a bit of Parmesan. Did you know that a table spoon of Parmesan gives you 6% of your daily calcium RDA + a huge papaya/strawberry salad. 

In bed after managing a few very urgent messages and a rather congenial fire 

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