Monday, May 4, 2009

LeBootCamp in ELLE magazine this week

A bit of relaxing reading 

I love weeks that begin this way... everything is lined-up... karma is there... a happy monday follows a week-end filled with friends and good cheer to celebrate my "25th". We are in ELLE (Fr) this week, you cannot miss us! To read the article check out my FaceBook page where it is posted:
(if you aren't a fan, you will have to click on BECOME A FAN first in order to read the article that you 'll find on the welcome page and also the the photo album called "Medias") 

45 minutes walk on an empty stomach on the telephone

I rush off to SF for a very important meeting... we are integrating a new product in our beauty and anti-aging program (program soon to be revealed to the english speaking market :)... coming soon... 

100 butt squeezes in the car

Raw breakfast: 1 portion strawberry cheesecake + 1 slice fresh pineapple

Raw lunch with Aline who's birthday we are celebrating (a Corsican taurus like me)... on the menu: Tchai tea with almond milk and agave nectar, a coconut milk and curry cold soup (and also plenty of vegetables inside) finishing with a portion strawberry charlotte (all raw, nuts based with almond and strawberries of course) 

Nap to start the week well and refresh before the next that promises to be really demanding. To doze off I read the article in ELLE on buckwheat seeds we 
worked on with the magazine. It is always a pleasure to see this kind of innovating article in my favorite magazines! 

Plenty of 25th hour exercises during this very busy day including a lot of stairs climbed (when I need to do one I add an extra 4 up/downs).

Snack: 1 portion salmon/shrimp terrine

Diner: 1 whole papaya and the rest of the delicious sea food terrine home made by Anissa

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