Thursday, May 21, 2009

Somme nice encounters... LeBootCamp in Closer Mag (FR)

We are in Closer this week... 

Another full throttle day today after yesterday's relaxed one :)

Very little exercise... so I adjust my meals accordingly and will catch up tomorrow with the active side of things. 

breakfast: after a lot of really Japanese green tea (!). 1/2 papaya and 3 slices Japanese bacon (no panic on the number of slices it only adds up to a total of  75 calories) 

I run off to San Francisco to meet a great man... I sip a green tea during our 

100% Raw lunch at Cafe Gratitude, my health HQ in San Francisco... in very good company: Japanese mushroom and veg coconut soup + tchai tea with almond milk + 1/2 slice hazelnut tart... everything is raw therefore vegan and uncooked... that provides me with  a lot of fibre, vitamins and god fats 
(only slightly saturated in the case of the coconut) 

20 minutes walk
2x2 minutes Brazilian moves
50 Hindu prayers

no snack

Light Diner: 1 small portion salmon + 1 portion edamame + 1 small apple

I promise tomorrow will be more sporty! 

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