Saturday, May 23, 2009

Beach, Madame Figaro, the Coach's euphoria :)

Lots of green tea upon getting up to clean out the beast as I like to say.

We are in this week-end's madame Figaro.... it feels good to be next to Noureev even if I dance like a duck, to read the article see you on the FaceBook fan page

30 minutes yoga on an empty stomach

Breakfast: a bowl of strawberries + homemade cereal + almond milk

Off to the beach where the sun disappears, it is only 12 degrees C, we have the whole beach to ourselves... a real joy

1 hour walk on the sand
30 push ups on the car whilst waiting...

delicious meal: a small portion edamame + 10 little sushis... some toro my favorite fish straight from japan! 

30 minutes walk

snack: 1 soya tchai tea with splenda

The sun, blue sky and the sound track to l'Auberge Espagnole on top of some decisions made today put me in a state of acute euphoria... life is beautiful... tout va bien... 

Back to the movies, it's my kind of therapy :) to see Management with Jennifer Aniston, a gem! 
At the cinema: I smuggle in my forever sweet potato fries with mango sauce + 1 portion blueberries + 1 portion dehydrated papaya. 

when back, 100 butt contraction in the car + 100 nutcrackers in the car as well :) 

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