Thursday, May 28, 2009

Chance meet with Gary Scott and 2 other superb encounters

There are days like this... where everything seems to go right... and where we meet impressive people... people you secretly admire and suddenly find themselves right next to you!

30 minutes walk on an empty stomach
2 minutes pelvic floor exercises

Breakfast: 1 bowl classic granola with almond milk and (home) dried fruit

30 minutes passive muscle toning exercises... We'll do that for 30 days :)

Meeting at the top with accountants...

Raw lunch: onion bread + tapenade + grapefruit and pineapple + a few raw teriaky almonds

30 minutes walk

And then off to SF... where I found my favorite Everest guide, Gary Scott...who really doesn't age at all... impressive, it is the LeBootCamp effect and the cold that preserves of course :) We discuss great plans... and I nip off to a "mixer" to celebrate the queen of the night. At this occasion, I meet an entrepreneur for whom I have the utmost respect, a true visionary, the creator of Ryse, one of the very first online social network, long before Facebook and others... was one of the first investors in Napster... great chat... to top it all, this guy is of incredible humility... who would have thought ... 

30 minutes walk in high heels 

This mixer offered came just at snack time: green tea + 3 small mushroom puffs and a few fries flavored with herbs and parmesan

30 minutes walk (in heels again) 
ps: for my anonymous commentator who tells me how bad walking in high heels is, you are absolutely right, unfortunately... there sometimes are meetings I have to walk to and need to wear heels to :) 

The day, the night, I should say, doesn't end there. I am invited to dinner with one of the most accomplished business women in the USA. From nothing, she built a company listed on the NY stock exchange that turns over 1.5 billion USD.
Superb diner. Ideas come from all sides. We shall meet again soon. Ihave great admiration for her... 4 kids, a life filled with passion, a dream that grew big without much planning to start out with... in the end, it is most often the entrepreneurs that started out with a dream rather than financial motivation that are the most successful... others, start out chasing money ... that confuses the focus and the success :) 

Light diner because I am under the spell of passion: Walu steak (a hawaiian fish) + a few asparagus + green tea

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