Friday, May 29, 2009

Short night and early morning interview, a routine day :)

Up very early after a very short night... an after lunch nap will be most needed :)

Breakfast: home made raw cereal (just out of the dehydrator soft and crunchy at the same time) + almond milk

45 minutes walk on an empty stomach before lunch
55 minutes passive muscle toning

Lunch: one Tuscan panini + 3 slices pineapple

40 minutes walk on the telephone

Snack: 1 slice pineapple + 4 little macaroons + 1 pink grapefruit

Restful evening, that feels good, watching one of my favorite films from the last few months: Forgetting Sarah Marshall :)

Light dinner: 1 portion roasted green wheat (full of good things I will put all the details of on the FaceBook fan page) + 1 pink grapefruit

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