Saturday, May 16, 2009

Brittany is beautiful

Finally a few days rest (a full 3 day week-end! proper French 35h week style :) 

Back to some of my roots with visit of Brittany. Bagpipes in Nantes for a folkloric welcome. It is a very pretty town I discover for the first time. I catch up with Stallone I hadn't see for a long time! 
Lunch at Pornic... charming Breton coastal resort
The weather is quite capricious as we go from storm (cold, wind, rain) to sunshine (and, to be honest, still very windy). 

following day:

Breakfast: 4 teas + 2 slices roast ham + 1 orange + 1 banana

10 press ups 
20 minutes walk 
10 minutes pelvic floor exercises

Off to La Baule, trendy resort,  to purchase the trendy albeit classically Breton "mariniere

I take advantage of these few hours of rest to read, well ok, devour, the last Attali book about Karl Marx. The study is of great depth as usual, executed by one of the brightest author/analyst I have ever come across
The last GEO mag does a very good presentation of the Taliban movement, and I recommend it to anyone who wishes to understand the sensitive situation around the 3 frontiers.

1 hour walk under the blue sky admiring surfers and kite surfers digging it. 

Lucien Barriere lunch on the beach: baby leaf salad + Parmesan shavings + salmon and seabass tartar + strawberry gazpacho and 10 chocolate coated almonds 

1 hour walk in LaBaule

no snack

Diner at Quick (French fast food joint) on the motorway, even here you can make clever choices: 1 mixed salad with light vinaigrette + oriental chicken sandwich + 10 chocolate coated almonds (yes, you can't stop a gourmet)
That makes it a total of 550 calories, hardly any saturated fats, a little to much sodium but the right amount of fibre and protein (no sodas of course!)  

A lovely evening ahead and tomorrow, l'Elysee

PS for Larry Funck: go back where you know!


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