Thursday, May 14, 2009

That's it! The final is over! what a great day!

1/2 liter green tea on an empty stomach

20 minutes yoga

Breakfast: 1 apple followed by a slice of raw Essene bread with a tiny bit of cream cheese + 1 slice wild smoked salmon.

Lunch on the go. I am delivered 2 small portions edamame + 6 tiny sushi (I won't suffocate :) 

no snack

At last, after months of waiting, after being selected and becoming a finalist, here I am in front of the jury (I won't say any more for now) speed dating style.

Exhausting but very educational. In front of me: some pretty impressive people. The competition: some pretty impressive people as well. I am flattered to even participate in this event. To win it would be a fantastic victory for my team that has worked so hard and has been so committed during the tough times :) 
So, fingers crossed! 
The results will be announced on the 10th June during a gala evening.

At the finish there was an elegant buffet: I picked at a few pieces of tuna and grilled salmon. 

I move onto 4 TV interviews and hop, off home. 

What a great day! 

Diner: a small portion steamed salmon + soyonnaise + baby spinach leaf salad + 3 oranges 

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