Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A great productive day

1/2 liter Rooibos upon waking 

lots of fires to put out... c'est la vie! 

30 minutes passive muscle toning.... carrying on with my testing:)

30 minutes walk on an empty stomach

Breakfast: 20 raw teriaky almonds + 1 pink grapefruit + 2 little raw macaroons (yum!)

30 minutes accumulated walking on killer heels...(ouch) 

Some lovely encounters, good for business and for the spirit as well! 

Lunch with "The Board" ... The Board is very serious and me a bit less... 2 slices Italian bread with a bit of butter and some tomato to start, and yes, a slightly seared tuna steak + crab salad ...del-ish!

snack: 2 slices melon + 3 small raw coconut macaroons 

15 minutes accumulated walking still in killer heels Sonia Rykiel would not disown! 

Dinner after a very productive meeting, seafood plate: fried calamari (not to worry, there wasn't much), tuna sashimi (raw fish) and a crab cake, all washed down with green tea. I pass on the bread after my lunch performance :) 

All in all, a very productive day full of good news. 

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  1. I love your blog it every day. Thanks for sharing this with us!