Friday, May 22, 2009

the joys of cross stitching - the great Californian weather

Very short night, some good news kept me awake, but it's all positive. 

Green tea directly from japan... yummy...

30 minutes walk on an empty stomach :)

Meeting with the silicon valley cross stitching expert... what she can do with her own 2 hands is very impressive! 

30 minutes run before lunch time 
200 abs of various kinds
30 floor press-ups
50 wall press-ups 
10 inverted triceps

Lunch with the girls: 10 Teriaky almonds (sprouted, marinated and dried, yum) + large portion of steamed salmon (let's say, nearly 2 portions) + edamame with a little soyonnaise + a few wild strawberries

green tea galore

15 minutes walk 

snack: 1 small handful hand made raw cereal + 5 large strawberries + 1 salty caramel lollipop brought back from Brittany 

Diner at the movies to watch and enjoy "Angels and Demons". Ron Howard surpassed himself, in my opinion, I know some might disagree, but I enjoyed the film. On the menu... sneaked in of course, the food they have to offer is just dreadful! 1/2 portion sweet potato fries with mango sauce + 4 crisps nicked off my neighbour + 1/2 a dried papaya + plenty of water

200 but squeezes in the car 
250 nutcrackers in the car 
50 wall push-ups 

a really nice day under the sign of "dark" creativity... you know who you are, you will recognise yourself.

PS: there are more and more of you reading my blog and I do my best to keep it up to date... don't hesitate to let me know if there are particular topics you would like to see discussed in detail here (nutrition, sport, motivation, anti-aging, coaching, or any other...) 

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