Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Pathological jealousy and return home

I encountered the concept of pathological jealousy this week-end. A real illness that eats up those who suffer from it and saps the life of those around them drawing them into a wearing daily hell. 
For the coach that I am, this goes beyond my competence as we enter the world of medicine and psychiatry. 
I wonder if this condition that ages people before their time and wrinkles their soul, can be cured. 
Is it genetic? For those who are bullied by these ill minded people, what is the solution? Kowtow? Suffer in silence? Scream out against the injustice? Force the ill to get treated? 
In the end, this illness is a form of addiction, a monster that needs to feed and that the sufferer needs to nourish in order to stay in the hellish vicious circle. 
After all, Man hates the void, what would life be like? His reason to be? once the "beast" destroyed. The void, the gap that needs to be filled with love seems of abyssal depth, so difficult to handle. 
Once my son said, "You know, I can't understand how Joe can be jealous of Tom, I am not jealous of anyone".
Happy the one who stays in the virtuous circle of simple happiness.

On an empty stomach, after 2 rooibos teas, 30 minutes walk 

Breakfast: fruit (always after long distance flights :) 1/2 papaya and 1 banana

1 hour cycling

Lunch: all raw, 6 onion crackers + tapenade + 2 tomatoes in a salad with bruschetta + 3 chocolate truffles (all home made of course) + a few slices dry papaya

A little rest in preparation for a big meeting... must be get there fresh eyed and bushy tailed! 

30 minutes walk
100 floor abs
20 floor press ups

snack in business meeting: a fruit salad and chai tea

15 minutes walk
500 but squeezes in the car

Dinner: a HUGE portion edamame + 2 portions rare marinated salmon

green tchai

2 minutes Brazilian moves
50 Hindu prayers.  


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