Monday, May 25, 2009

LeBootCamp in ELLE + a restful 3 day week-end

Having pulled a few ligaments running with my dog on a lead pulling in all directions... I see myself having to rest this week-end... give the beast some recovery time I say... that way the body can repair itself... so no walking, running nor cycling... nothing that puts any strain on my left knee strained by my own private "monster". 

At the American box office, a successful spoof movie called dance Flick... attracted by the trailer, I make an attempt to see it, but leave the movie theater along with 25% of the rest of the audience only 20 minutes into the film. A really awful movie of very bad taste... I end up seeing Wolverine with the handsome Hugh Jackman at the top of his physical form! It must be said! 

Breakfast: just fresh fruit (strawberries + apple+ 1/2 banana) + 10 raw teriaky almonds + plenty of flowers white tea... little discovery I am testing.

20 minutes wobbling (very careful walking to test my knee) 

We are in ELLE (Fr) this week.
Yippee... with plenty of LeBootCamp secrets revealed :) there is even one of my most famous fitness secrets which is, as often, credited to someone else but that doesn't matter very much... Martine, don't worry about it (Martine is a FaceBook fan who pointed out that fact to me). You can find the articles on the FaceBook page 

Lunch at an Indian food buffet... beware of buffets! Not to fall in the trap of overeating, I only choose vegetarian food and only go to the buffet once for savory and once for sweet food... for desert I make sure I fill my plate with fresh fruit until there is only very little room left for the calorie bombs sweets Indians make so well! 

1 hour Kayaking... I give my arms a work out and catch some sun... total bliss after a whole week of cold weather 

No snack...

Diner watching The Tudors... I am against eating in front of TV, except... for The Tudors :) I am a big fan!
As a result, unlike most people, I just can't be bothered to get up to get something to eat, instead I steal 5 forkfuls of spaghetti in tomato sauce (funny taste but it is red so I assume "tomato") + 2 coconut raw macaroons... they aren't quite ready but I can't resist anymore... besides I should be tasting them!  

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