Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Raw macaroons? Delicious!

1 liter white tea upon waking... to keep well hydrated during my 3 hour telephone marathon... and no chance of fitting in any walking as I am on Skype

Nevertheless, I manage to squeeze in a 45 minutes conversation on the mobile phone, and the same amount of walking! 

Breakfast on Skype, again! a bowl of Strawberries + home made raw cereal + almond milk, home made of course 

Video shoot....

Raw lunch: 10 teriaky almonds + 2 slices melon + raw onion bread (a delight) with bruschetta + 1 pink grapefruit.

30 minutes passive muscle building... hard... just joking, I am testing some passive muscle building equipment, quite an easy one really :) results in 30 days

15 minutes walk

1 km mixed swimming... I go easy because my knee might get stiff and my foot broken 18 months ago "wakes up" occasionally 

Snack: I take the macaroons out of the dehydrator... bliss! 4 of them don't make it any further, yes, 4, but they are tiny, I promise! 

a lovely evening...

Diner: a small portion spaghetti with "funny" tomato sauce + 3 macaroons, yes :) 

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