Tuesday, June 9, 2009

D Day - some great encounters...

Up very early for a very exiting and eventful day and also because of jet lag... and I'm starving, so I have breakfast at 4h30 am: a small handful teriaky almonds, 1 handful cherries, 1 soya yogurt, 1 banana.

I try to go back to sleep but nothing can be done so I head for the gym at least I can start the day on a right foot.

1 liter vanilla Darjeeling tea to wake up "the beast"... I am very touched by all your messages of support for tonight... we believe in it... but in all honesty, even if I don't win the award, the simple fact to have been selected and got to be a finalist is already a nice dream come true!

Sleep won't return so I take advantage of my new Parisian's hotel's gym... after trying out little boutique hotels and the Parisian palaces with their rather snobby reception... I have found a gem, I am de-ligh-ted!

30 minutes cycling (50% @ 120 BPM, 50% @ 150BPM)
15 minutes rowing machine
100 abs
2 minutes pelvic floor work
10 minutes yoga (Morning Wake Up Call, you can find the routine in My Private Space in My Gym)

Breakfast: raw cereal + 1 vanilla soya yogurt + 1 handful cherries

20 minutes accumulated walk

Lunch: 120g organic smoked salmon (the weight is very precise as written on the packaging) + 1 small portion steamed quinoa + 1 handful cherries + 1 fig soya yogurt.

A short nap...

Plenty of green and black tea throughout the day
Snack: cherries and almonds

And off to the Trofemina Award night
Luce is the winner, she is a woman full of life who is attempting a solitary crossing of the Atlantic without assistance... the adventure was very interesting and has put on my path many very extraordinary people... and I was showered with gifts by the award's sponsors :)...
ON the left foreground of the picture, Gonzague de Saint Bris admiring the ladies on his table :)

3 star dinner at the Bristol: Lobster tails and king prawns in a light sauce, stuffed courgette with rock red mullet (goatfish), light dessert with fruit ice cream. A typical LeBootCamp meal!

In bed very late because of such a long evening... lets get back on track for tomorrow, another very intense day!

PS: More photos of the award night on the fan page

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