Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Pilates Reformer and guaranteed next day stiffness

Breakfast: 3 cups of Rooibos tea + 1 soya yogurt + 1 nice handful organic blueberries + 1 handful cruesli

50 Hindu prayers
50 leg sweeps on each side

A race pace day because of meetings all over the place, but it is worth it!

Lunch at LI: green salad/pink grapefruit + 1 mahe-mahe steak on a bed of roast peppers and a portion black lentils. For pudding, 4 squares of white chocolate + Earl Grey tea.

At the gym: 1 hour Pilates on the machines + 1 hour cardio training at 120 bpm (15 mn elliptical trainer and 45 mn recumbent bike to be able to work as the day is mad) 

10 mn walk on high heels (why am I doing this to myself?) 

Snack: 1 soya yogurt + 1 portion cruesli

Business diner: cucumber sunflower seed sprout + 1 marinated salmon steak + corn chips and guacamole + 1/2 pan-fried peach in butter and honey

60 leg sweeps on each side 
100 abs on the killer abs lounge

I make progress with my current literary endeavours ... but hush :-)

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