Thursday, February 12, 2009

We are in Le Journal Du Dimanche, Biba and

A beautiful day... under a sun that filters through the clouds... oh yes, the rainy season is in full swing!

Breakfast: Roobois tea + 1 apple + 1 bowl Ptitim (see last night's diner ;)

60 leg sweeps on each side
30 min yoga with Alejandro

30 min massage to straighten out the beast

30 min walk

Lunch on the go because of multiple meetings, conference calls and more film shoots: smoked salmon (wild) + 1 slice whole-wheat bread + soyanaise + 2 handfuls cashew nuts + 1 papaya

45 min accumulated walk

Snack: 1 bowl wholegrain cereals + almond milk

Thank you to Super Geek, who will know who he is, for saving me from the virus's claws... and for reinstalling in emergency, at the local Starbucks, the office tools that Google Docs cannot yet replace :)

Diner: 1 apple + meat free buffalo wings (tofu based) + ketchup (full of hart friendly antioxidants!) + 4 satsumas

60 leg sweeps on each side 

200 mat abs  (100 obliques, 100 sit ups)

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  1. Hi, Valerie. Thanks for these delicious menus.Good forthe body and mind.
    I live in Portugal and I MOzart´s Requiem is the reason of me being here. Do you like photography? Enjoy my blog, i'll be glad.