Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Signs of global warming

My tulip tree is blooming in February... it is stunning, it smells nice... carpe diem... life is beautiful...

On an empty stomach: green tea

Business meeting + breakfast in Starbucks: a handful fresh almonds + a fruit salad + one banana

In the gym: 30 minute spin class full throttle (wow, intense!!! lets see what stiffness I feel tomorrow... Nicole Kidman spins all the time and one can't accuse her of having fat thighs, that's motivating!) 30 min elliptical trainer to make it an hour.

15 min accumulated walking

Lunch: 2 portions mixed vegetables + 1 slice turkey ham + 1 Corean apple (for carbon footprint worriers: they are grown locally :) + a dulce orange yumyum!

1 hour walk with the hairy beast

15 min walk

snack: 10 fresh almonds + 4 clementines + 1 banana

30 minutes walk with my boy telling me about his day... I just love it!

100 abs + 5 x 20 biceps at speed

Diner: wholegrain rice cake with hummus + 1 portion grilled chicken breast + peas and roast tomatoe + 4 clementines

5 x 20 triceps

and this quote from Tolstoi to finish the day: "force is force... matter is matter... will is will... the infinite is the infinite... nothing is nothing" even more beautiful in Russian!

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