Friday, February 27, 2009

I love Forest Whitaker :)

Short night because I am feeling a bit queasy ....

White tea to wake up + lemon juice to balance my body PH

Breakfast: grilled salmon+ 1 bunch of grapes

45 min walk on the telephone with weights on my ankles, 5 pounds on each leg just for the sake of burning a few more calories 

60 leg sweeps to the side , standing up

I spend the whole morning with my ankle weights (under my trousers, nobody can see!)... but for my business lunch I must take them off! 

Business lunch: a reasonable amount of tapas, no desert, some white tea 
I am Meeting with a serial entrepreneur who is just ab-so-lu-tely charming... and very bright. 

45 min walk to get to my next meeting 

And I do something I know is strongly inadvisable, I read my emails whilst climbing the garage stairs... Result: I miss a step, tumble down a whole flight of steps... injure a foot that was just recently on the mend and keeps (again) getting damaged... but I'm more shaken than hurt (of course, my suit is beyond repair) 

Gym: 1h05 Fartlek on stationary bike at 60-80% capacity + 15 min weights
No snack (still queasy)

Diner: 1 bow carrot/ginger soup + 1 bunch grapes + 1 banana

2 min ballerina moves

I'm still feeling yucky and that keeps me from sleeping, to keep my mind busy I watch Vantage Point. The plot is tightly wrapped up and it is impossible to guess the end. 

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