Monday, February 2, 2009

Jessica Simpson and her weight..

Considering the challenges he is facing, Obama is certainly a very important man at this moment in time, but who is selling paper and getting the search engines buzzing? It is Jessica Simpson and the unflattering pictures that are making the headlines. She has, indeed, put on some weight, but nothing very tragic. Only just, America is raving about those few extra pounds. Some celebrities stand up to defend her, the New York Post attacks her with disgraceful caricatures, some blog criticize her, some other praise her,...
With all the difficulties that America is facing, I wonder why so much energy is spent on a problem that is, after all, far from being important, especially since as a singer, Jessica Simpson isn't supposed to be scrawny. We expect her to have a voice of gold and a tasty figure as long as she is in good health!
(c) image from US Magazine.

Having said that....

Breakfast after a very short night because of night interview: green tea + 1/2 cup raw cereals + almond milk

1 h walk before lunch (all on the telephone)

Lunch : a bit of spinach salad + 1 large, I say, large!) bowl of lentils and vegetables soup

1h15 around the bay with N and A.

Snack: 1 apple + a couple of dozen crisps +around 3 table-spoons guacamole

50 lunges
100 abs on the killer abs lounge

20 press-ups

15 min in the steam room to eliminate the stress-induced toxins this unusual day has brought on.

Diner : a few spoons sweetcorn and broccoli + lentil/veg soup + 1 pink grapefruit + 5 After Eights + very black tea

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  1. she looks hot to me! though her pants choice is hazardous to say the least!